What should I do if the stair climbing car is unstable on and off the stairs?

Check the stability of the stair climbing car: First, make sure that the structure and components of the stair climbing car are not loose or damaged. Check the screws, fasteners and attachment points to make sure they are all securely fastened.

Ensure proper posture and operation: Make sure you stand on a smooth surface and adopt a stable posture to balance and control the movement of the stair climbing car.

Move slowly and smoothly: When going up and down stairs, try to move the stair climbing car slowly and smoothly. Avoid sudden acceleration or braking that may cause instability or swaying.

Find additional support: If the stairs themselves are uneven or have irregular ground, look for additional support points.

Reduce the load weight: Excessive loads may lead to increased instability, so try to reduce the load or move items in batches.

What can I do if I can't secure the items on the stair climbing car?

Use straps or ropes: Pass the straps or ropes through the anchor points around the item and securely tie them down, making sure the item does not wobble or slide.

Use a container or box: Place the item in an appropriately sized container or box and then secure the container or box to the stair climbing car.

Use non-slip pads or shims: Place non-slip pads or shims between the item and the stair climbing car platform to increase friction and prevent the item from sliding.

Avoid overloading as much as possible: Make sure the carrying capacity of the stair climbing car is not exceeded and distribute the weight wisely to ensure stability and safety.

How to clean the stair climbing car when it is dirty?

Prepare cleaning tools: Prepare the required cleaning tools such as brushes, rags, sponges, cleaning agents and buckets of water.

Clean the surface: Pour the cleaner into a bucket of water, dilute it according to the instructions or use it directly, then wet a sponge, brush or rag in the cleaning solution and gently wipe the surface of the stair climbing car.

Clean hard-to-reach areas: For hard-to-reach areas on the stair climbing car, use a small brush or cotton swab to clean. Make sure to remove dirt and dust thoroughly to keep the stair climbing car neat and tidy.

Rinse and dry: Use water to rinse the surface of the stair climbing car to ensure that the cleaning agent is completely removed. Then dry the stair climbing car with a clean rag to prevent water stains and scale residue.

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